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Vanilla Ice Lyrics - Now &Forever

Now &Forever Lyrics:
Written by: vanilla ice, zero, tha hit men
Produced by: vanilla ice & zero
Published by: ice baby music, inc., dj zero music, inc., bmi.
Background vocals (rap) by: vanilla ice
Mix by: vanilla ice and zero
Synchclavier engineer: rober wechsler
Recorded & mixed at luminous sound studios, inc.

I need a woman thatís sexy
Straight up and erotic
I gotta have her.
Yes a beautiful sex goddess
The kind of girl who rocks my world.
Doiní those crzy things
With whipped cream aní ice cream.
Aní everything from grapes to honey,
Andif you ask me
I wan her for 9 1/2 weeks moeny,
Straight stranded on a beach "g".
While she climbs up and down
This tall coconut tree,
Aní doiní wild things with
Her tongue and lips,
Aní her thighs, includiní them hips,
She comes equipped to lead.
The i.c.e. stuck, the kind of woman who
Can make my volcano erupt.

I need a woman that drives me crazy
When I look at her,
And make the ice man melt
When I look at her.
Yeah, sheís the one to make vanillaís blood boil,
Open up that hood,
And let me check that oil.
I got the right dip stick for the job honey.
Watch me swing, while youíre edanciní in your g-string.
And let me pull up to your bumpa,
And if your battery is dead,
Iíll pull my cable out and jump yaí
Pump yaí witht he juice
To keep the engine runniní
Oh yes, youíve got the body work
To keep the ice man cominí
Again and again
In any type of weather, baby,
I need you - now, now and forever

Iím the type of man that
Likes to get it off.
Iíll pour some champagne all
Over your baod, and then Iíll lick it off.
Uh aní I have to tell you somthiní
I want to kiss your neck,
And take my tongue around your belly button.
I need a woman not a hooka
To take rides on my love boat.
Yes, my 53 fotta,
So letís sink in my hot tub or jacuzzi
And do those crazy wild things,
That amuse me.
Oh yes baby, Iíll be your sex slave
And with my head gear on,
I wanna go and explore your cave,
See you can make the ice cream.
Come here girl, and take a lick of this ice cream

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