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Vanilla Ice Lyrics - Oh My Gosh

Oh My Gosh Lyrics:
Written by: vanilla ice, zero, rod johnson
Produced by: vanilla ice & zero
Published by: ice baby music, inc., dj zero music,
Inc., bmi.
Keyboards: darryl delite allamby
Mix by: vanilla ice
Synchclavier engineer: rober wechsler
Recorded & mixed at luminous sound studios, inc.

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh
Oh my gosh, oh my gosh
Oh my gosh, oh my gosh

Hey you check it I think itís time
To wreck it.
So here I go again witht he stuff
So letís test it.
Cool like tha ice vanilla hereís the flava
Freeziní up tha mic to hit ya with
So you can savor.
No slippiní nor stoniní gettiní straight
To tha poinst.
Hit tha mad izm and light another joint
Tha easy like style is what I kick when
Iím kickiní no trippiní Iím spliffiní
So get a good wiff and get with tha style,
That Iím using no guessiní
So hereís a quick lesson I got my smith & wesson
Listen up close and there will be no confusion
Now youíre addicted to mentally abuse it.
Word to tha mutha, Iím here to tear it up,
And if ya canít get with it, I donít give a
So run and tell ya crew and tell íem ice is
Near this here is for tha people the ice is
Rated lethal.

Here I come with tha nine in my hand,
Itís time to wreck shop now tell me whoís
The man.
Just like ali Iím tha thriller in manilla,
Teariní stuff up like my man godzilla.
Makiní tha suckers drop when ya steppiní
To my zone cominí straight up like my man
Al capone.
You try to cross me up Iíll jump you like
You was a checker,
And like jerry rice Iím into breakiní all records.
Rolliní with my crew firm up a blunt,
My hands on tha pump bust u on beachfront.
In case you forgot Iím here to remind you,
Iím chiller, chiller than the ice on vanilla.
Word, word to tha herb as you heard,
Iím hittiní 3 pointers just like larry bird.
You canít touch this, welcome to tha hit list
Try to play me out, you catch a big fist quick.
Pop in ya eye, donít try to ask me why.
Cause itís like that fool ya hanginí with tha ice,
Cause itís cool and like I said this hereís for
Tha people tha ice is rated lethal.

It goes a 1 to tha 2 to tha 3 to tha 4.
The ice be tha leader, so open up tha door.
Check it out, cuz what Iím all about is gettiní
Mad paid, cuz the green is real sticky.
My stuff is kinda tricky, so listen up close.
And when ya ask tha ladies they love tha ice
Tha most.
So open up ya car and look inside here
And keep ya self in line you and please donít
Cuz cool is how Iím cooliní and there just
Isnít nuttiní to it.
Donít ask me no questions, cuz you alrady kew.
Now get with tha program and listen to tha style,
So lend me an ear so I can get buckwild.
Ya girly canít resist it so chill while I kick it,
So bur a hootie mac so go ahead and twist it.
My records on tha table, Iím droppiní it on tha
Needle, this here is for tha people that ice is
Rated lethal.

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