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Vanilla Ice Lyrics - Phunky Rhymes

Phunky Rhymes Lyrics:
Written by: vanilla ice, zero, tha hit men
Produced by: vanilla ice & zero
Published by: ice baby music, inc., dj zero music, inc.
Drums: steve williams
Background vocals (rap) by: vanilla ice
Mix by: vanilla ice
Synchclavier engineer: rober wechsler
Recorded & mixed at luminous sound studios, inc.

I draw my rhymes like a bow
Shoot íem out like an arrow.
Swoopiní on suckers like an eagle not a sparrow
Iím walkiní a wide path.
I never ever walk it narrow
Steppiní on stage with funky hip hop apparel.
I got the funky rhymes
Sometimes they leave ya scared bro.
Itís like lookiní down a shotgun barrel
Pump up the sounds to the max.
As if ya dare yo, my groove is dope
Aní I hope that youíre prepared so,
Give it up smooth cuz the ice is got it sewed up
The bum rush is on, aní vanillsía gonna blow up
Dead in your grill - loc.
Iím kickiní it real fly - hops
This is how itís done homies,
Aní ya know I got funky rhymes.

I got the rhymes thatís pumpiní
Keeps the jeeps bumpiní
Sounds thatís thumpiní
Women wanna jump in
I ride down many streets
Rockiní all the big beats
My albumsís on the top
With a bullet for many weeks
This is how itís done - see
Doiní it for my fnas g
Doiní it for dallas aní everybody in miami
Thought I was down with luke
No but hereís the scoop
You make all your loot -
But ya canít even pay your group
Well man thatís straight wacked!
In fact, I hate that
Watch yourself cuz ya might get paid back
All this funky dope stuff
Iím kickiní it real fly - hops
This is how itís done homies
Aní ya know I got funky rhymes

Artists:  # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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