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Vanilla Ice Lyrics - Danciní

Danciní Lyrics:
(vanilla ice, earthquake)

Danciní, danciní, danciní
Come on, come on, come on everybody
Come on, come on everybody
Come on everybody, come on, come on everybody
Come on, come on everybody
Letís do this dance
Get out your seats and let me shake your pants.
Oh, with the base cold thumpiní and the hihats snarení
People are jumpiní and the fly girls are starení.
People under 40...yo! letís get down.
Because they need more break and now itís sliced by shay
The records out so donít wait.

The style that Iím doiní, itíll ruin
All you people came here just for booiní
Get your dead ass up and back on the floor.
Jump in the groove and let vanilla go.
Insane, with my gold chain.
You know youíre gonnaí see it on soul train. hit it!

Danciní, danciní, danciní...

All you people on thel eft, shake your thing
And everybody on the right, do the same thing.
Now, the people in the middle, try to enhance.
Come on everybody, let me see you dance.
In motion, with the potion
Get up everybody and locomotion.
All swing and do your thing
Unless of course, you canít hang. chilliní is o.k.
But not when I play this song, move along, be gone.
Yea! the beatíll make you move when the records on.
Get with this style and update it
Like my record is, when you play it.
Def cominí strong, hard like a matador
I saw my style, my soul up on the dance floor.

Danciní, danciní, danciní it! funk it up!
Danciní, danciní, danciní...

Swinginí until the night is through
Just let your feet and your body take control of you.
Just like a trance to keep you moviní
Everybody can do it, just keep on grooviní.
Of the 808...just kickiní like a chicken that you just ate.
So catch a groove so we can get down
Yell out the name of your hometown.
Miami...catch the groove. l.a....catch the groove.
New york...catch the groove. seattle...catch the groove.
Dallas...catch the groove. detroit...catch the groove.
Vip dancers...catch the groove. everybody...catch the groove.
Do it!

Danciní, danciní, danciní...yea! can we do it?
Danciní, danciní, danciní...come on everybody...

Produced by earthquake
Published by ice baby music/qpm music (bmi)

Artists:  # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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