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Vanilla Ice Lyrics - I Love You

I Love You Lyrics:
(vanilla ice, k. sharp)

Girl, I keep thinkiní of how I feel
When Iím in your arms gives me a chill.
Just knowiní that you want me by your side
Mellows my mind and enhances my pride.
Girl, I need you more and more each day
Believe me when I tell you Iím here to stay.
Iím captured by your love and your pretty smile
You devastataing beauty and your sweet profile.

I love you, ícause I love you
I love you, ícause I love you

Youíre so fine. letís wine and dine.
Iím so happy that you are mine.
Thinking of you I melt with desire
Take you in my arms, let love take us higher.
To hear you talk, sounds so sweet
When youíre close to me I feel your heat.
Girl, I want you and you want me
And itíll last until eternity.
Youíre like the snow falliní from the sky
So clean, like the look in your eye.
Youíre my queen, Iíll buy you everything
Yes, girl, even diamond rings.
ícause youíre my lady, and this love is true,
Every sunset makes me think of you.
And Iíll never forget what you mean to me,
Cominí straight from the heart of vanilla i-c-e.

I love you, ícause I love you
I love you, ícause I love you

Hello. girl, when I first saw you. it was love at first sight.
Weíve been goiní out now for about two years and I still
Feel the same.
I know I havenít said it much before...well...itís because,
See, I get all choked up inside. it just doesnít wannaí
Come out. I donít know. maybe thisíll help all the bad
Things Iíve done. so, no matter what goes on, no matter
What happens, always remember...i love you!

Produced by kim sharp
Published by too sharp music/ice baby music/qpm music (bmi)

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