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Vanilla Ice Lyrics - Ice Cold

Ice Cold Lyrics:
(vanilla ice, w. stallings, d. williams)

Your bad self...

All right, stop, spread yourself around
Get loose girl, letís break it down
Get down, straight to the floor
Get excited and beg for more
As I go on, flow on with a smile
Pay attention to my style
Dirty but hot, yaí know what I mean?
Get loose girl like a sex fiend, letís do it
ícause you know what I want
Me and you babe go one on one
Get freaky and I do the same
Get hot and I ride like a sex machine

Ice cool and youíre colder than ever, I like it
Ice cool and youíre colder than ever

Ice cold, cooler than ever
Never say never ícause Iím so damn clever
Lickiní your lips, Iím ridiní your hips
V.i.p. posse and weíre pimps
Be on the lookout in your vicinity
Iím robbiní virgins of their virginity
Like robin hood gave to the poor
I rock kashla and now she wants more
She calls everday, itís gettiní kindaí silly
But she rides my saddle like bronco billy
In a rodeo somewhere out west
She screams out "vanilla ice, youíre the best!"
Echoing out, can you hear?
She screams out everywhere
Just a pimp and you know
Snatchiní women, so, yo!
You can beg, plead and tell me you love me
But thereís no way Iíd put a girl above me
Unless itís sex and you wannaí ride
Jump on my saddle, baby, and get live

(repeat chorus)

Move your body all around
This is the dope jam, so get down
Now that you like what Iím sayiní admit it
This is the jam and vanilla just did it
I made you work ítil your butt got sore
In other words, Iím about to get raw
On stage, itís a v.i.p., doiní dances from a to zpumpiní it, pushiní it, stick it hard
I freaked your girl in the back of your car
I wore a jimmy that I slapped on
Popped a rubber duckie, so bought me a trojan
Get ready, hyped into the groove
As I practiced to make your body move
Youíre fieniní for a meaniní, oh yes, Iím cominí
Vanilla ice is here so you suckers start runniní
This is the jam I know youíre gonna like
Deshay he cuts like a knife
He wonít smirk and he wonít smile
Deshay get funky for a while
Yo, itís time for me to pump, pump...
Pump up the volume

(repeat chorus)

Produced by wayne stallings and darryl williams
Published by t.c. & floyd music/ice baby music/qpm music (bmi)

Artists:  # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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