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Napalm Death Lyrics - Placate, Sedate, Eradicate

Placate, Sedate, Eradicate Lyrics:
Load the burden across my shoulders
Pour the effluent on thick.

Placate, sedate ,eradicate,
Am I worthy to carry the weight?

Wage a war on my prone feelings.
Anaesthetised and numb.

Placate, sedate ,eradicate,
Strangely calm when I should be enraged.

Placate, sedate.
Placate, sedate,

Donít befriend the silver screen,
As long as others face firing lines.
Recline, relax take it in your stride,
Be the voyeur.

Tamed by rabid entertainers.
Engrossed in real life hell.

Placate, sedate ,eradicate.
Only observing- Iím exempt.

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