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Dan Hill Lyrics - Phonecall

Phonecall Lyrics:
Phone broke the silence of the night
Id been sleeping
And a voice said, "how you doing dan
Thought Id call you for no reason."
And my mind flashed back two years
Since the last time Id see her
When the love wed shared had died

And she said, "things are going well for you
Im glad you still have music
I remember times you felt so damned confused
I thought youd lose it
Do you still make crazy faces
At the mirror in the morning
How come you never said goodbye."

I chose my words so carefully
But I felt my past seducing me
"slow down", she said
"i just want to be your friend"
I said, "thats the way the whole thing started
And I just cant fall in love with you again
Knowing itll end."

And all I heard was silence
And I wished she was beside me
Like the first time we made love
And I felt waterfalls inside me
So I tried to dial her number
But my fingers froze
And slowly - I closed my eyes

Repeat chorus

Artists:  # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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