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Yaz Lyrics - Unmarked

Unmarked Lyrics:
Go and join the army
Said the father to the son
See the world around you boy
And learn to use a gun
Think youíre something special
Well, weíll make you just the same
Thereís nothing wrong in dying
After all, itís just a game
- just a game.

Read the morning paper
Thereís a picture of a cross
"we were proud in them days"
By the way, I think you lost
Trust me when I tell you boy
That God is on our side
Even jesus cheers us on
Against the other side
- against the other side.

He who shouts the loudest
Is the one whoís in control
We who never listen
Are the ones who pay the toll
Tell us that itís time at last
To make a final stand
Iím glad ícos all I wanted
Was to kill another man
- just to kill another man.

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