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Faithless Lyrics - Mushrooms

Mushrooms Lyrics:
I was with my girlfriend
This is [? ? ] florida
She took me to this place
It had al kind of things growing
She gave me something
It was a mushroom
She said "eat it", she said.
A mushroom, what is that?
She said "eat it".
I donít think she [? ? ]
Sheís kind of a wild girl
I donít think she was that wild
So i, I ate the mushroom
And I said "it doesnít taste like much"
She said "wait a minute"
So I waited a minute
I waited a few minutes
- filter -
And the next thing I know, I was walking on clouds
There were beautiful clouds
And my girlfriend was talking to me
While I was walking on the clouds
And everything felt beautiful
I almost felt like I didnít have any feet,
No floor under me
It was beautiful
We looked in each other eyes.
On top of these clouds
And we were talking with each other
With our mouths wide open
And all of a sudden
She let me go
But I didnít fall,
I floated, but I was far away from her.
Until the next thing I know she wasnít there,
Knows by myself.
And I was on gras again
- begin of track 6 -
Very soft gras
I walked to the gras (4x)

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