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Yukmouth Lyrics - My Buddy

My Buddy Lyrics:
Me and you

[daz] and you know that

Me and you

Who can fade it, two assassins up on the mic
Blastiní, askiní no questions, when they catch you in a gunfight
Kaboom! we still mash as a team
As we mash for our dreams, ? hood niggaz for green
Itís dillinger, fulfillin, makin a low outta killin
Pulliní scandalous ? fulfillin fantasy dreams
Catch me on a costa rica, with an island full of weed
Money and bitches, on a boat for sweden

See when Iím yelliní
International help me
No colorlines on my
Ugly and fine
You can sell me
Iím glad folks think the same way as I do
Cause I stab bitches way down in the bayou
Would you make way for two moí
Foí blows, like you have hoes
Stamp a nation wide through the ghetto
Fore youngsters, hennesy sponsors
With fore youngsters on a
Quarter of the map now I do

I spin mayor loot and khaki suits
Nikeís and cripsacks,
Wetsuits and leather boots
I block niggaz twice with thighs
Buck with a .45
Make you open while you blast at the parking lot

What you speakiní on
Wanna go through it
Drink a lot, made from fluid
Scrump bitch, donít you hear the music
My buddy, daz dilly and numskull
You will be thanked
With youíre petty pang petty

Chorus: repeat 2x

To all my niggaz.. and all my bitches
Throw your motherfuckin hands in the air
And if you donít give a fuck
Like we donít give a fuck then
Throw your motherfuckin hood up in the air

Check it out
No bitch ass niggaz, no funny ass hoes
Dogg pound gangstas drippiní in low-lows
You ainít all about the homies
You besta check the fault
Pencils, playin niggaz in the crowd style
Thinkin bout the row outta town
With the heater cock bust a million rounds
Dogg pound internationalís breakin off fools
While the dock can bust
The facility touch

I laid this game down
Jumped around and kissed myself like I was james brown
Spin around and hit the splits on the ground
Split your motherfuckin crown
Turn this ifs into pounds
Dogg pound live around,
Niggas hittiní the ground
Fuck around and get shot up
I tear shit up
You can ask puff
Lil cease, mary j. b. and jodeci
About that nigga yuk
Means the hardcore
Got kicked off tour
For piss marking on the hotel floor

G riders, we ride, dp ride
Get the mashin niggaz
Or the mat see automatic,
Get the blastin niggaz
Shakin nigga, bankin nigga
Quit the heater
Stop blankin niggaz

Iím danked out
Surrounded by weed smoke
You see me and my niggas in the club,
Thugged up, suited in steet clothes
We roll, cut dough
Cause weed so
On triple gold, see hoes
With weed with me and my amigo

Chorus 2x

Who did that, who shitted
Who spoke on the ghetto values,
Who supa-dupu flyyyyy
I catored to the pimps, players, hustlers and bastards

Why donít you meet me over in the o, homie
Cause when I get there,
The hoes will be all off on me
I know yíall got a gang of bitches...

...ha, ha
And like fabulous thangs and liviní life expensive
In nights machine dippiní
With a pocket full of c-notes
Cruise the block with a 9 lookiní for weed-o
And oh yeah, who got the gangsta shit
Daz and kurupt, numskull, yuk for shit bitch

Known as your playa potna
Slain ice cream fools and (? )
Rockin hilfiger just like kadada
I walk around the house of rockwilder,
Just like a mobster
The o-a-k bust and throw it away
Hoop out the roof down in la
And then go aloof
Opps! and make a nigga spooked
With a couple of screws loose
And find your homie
Sweatin, buck naked locked up in a chicken coop
Livin that destory all arts
Zark, and blast a homes
Pull back and grab your mothafuckin heart out your chest
If you tested the best like david koresh
Get ready to be
Reincarnated in the motherfuckin flesh
Yes yes

Chorus 2x

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