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Faithless Lyrics - Killer's Lullaby

I'm sittin' at a coffe table unable to see straight
Watchin' parallel lines unwind and undulate
Behind the rain-soaked window pane the scene's bleak
Another train leaving home, concending defeat with a low moan
Hangin' in a sy made of stone, everybody's leavin' home
Called my man Jerome to come and meet me in the twilight zone

Leave ya mobile phone at home and come alone
I bouht him coffe an' a snack, settled back, started speakin
He was tweakin' at the peak of his hat while I'm seekin'
to discover what it takes to stay sober
Not to cover my mistakes, try to maybe make sense
f the eveidence, It's over
She'd gone for good why should I lie
Singin' a killer's lullaby
Indentified by the dying ring of a goodbye
The last thing ya hear before ya life disappear
"Is it better when you see her?"
Nah, it just gets worse like my stomach'll burst
Feels like I been cursed with seven centuries
Of bitter memories, Inadequacies of previous he's and she's

I'm movin' round this old house for the last time
Scene of my past crimes, been her for lifetimes
Hearin' the chimes of that old clock that useta mock
You got eternity for takin' stock, this place is like a padlock
You look shocked, trust me. Nuthin' ever moves but the dust
There's just us and I'm here to torment and tease
An' that's how it was for centureis, me and my memories
til you bought the keys, took a coupla Saturdays
An; moved in runnin' from tragedies an' boozin'
Seven hundred years since I came her you appear
Same hair, same quizzical stare
I couldn't get near and the sheer frustration
Was more than I could bear, I was really cursed
Thought I'd been through the worst part,

That was just first part, just the start
Everynight I'd be sittin' with dread pickin' my heart
In case the man she been chasin' gets to first base
An' I just can't escape. I'm in bad shape
You makin' love to someone else is more than i can take
So I make all the movement I can, to no avail
Scream an' yell sinkin' deeper in my own personal hell

I'm gettin' heated I'm sorry, have another coffee
I needed to release my sparrow chest from just a piece
Of this pressure, unless an' excape route is found
I'm goin' down, underground into lifetaimes of pain
It's absurd, the heaviest chain is contained in the sound of one word
So I'm referred back to hell. Just as well i hate needles
an' get twinges at the thought of syringes

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